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Smilelove Review

Smilelove is one of the most affordable teeth straightening products on the market. Your invisible aligners are sent right to your home, and they even send you a digital rendering of your treatment before you commit to buying.

The Gist

Smilelove recognizes that it’s scary to commit time, money, and more to straightening your teeth. That’s why Smilelove created a teeth straightening process that’s easy for anyone, and you can straighten your teeth right at home. They mail you impression kits to make molds of your mouth, and they take care of the rest. After your treatment, which takes about six months, they’ll send you a permanent retainer to maintain that smile, in addition to a premium whitening kit to keep your smile glowing. No appointments or hassle — and it’s one of the cheapest ways to straighten your teeth and to achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Great For People Who

  • Want to straighten their teeth for a fraction of the cost. Smilelove costs 75% less than other treatments.

  • Don’t have time to make out-of-office orthodontist appointments — they deliver everything right to you.

  • Want aligners you can’t even see. Their clear aligners are subtle and made with crystal-clear plastic that naturally blend in with your teeth.

  • Want a quick way to straighten their teeth. Average treatment time is 6 months.

What Else Do They Do?

They provide a Treatment Preview, which is a digital rendition of what your teeth currently look like and what they will look like at the end of your treatment. If you don’t like the look of your future smile, you can cancel your order for your money back. If you do like it, you can go ahead and order.

Bonus Points

  • Smilelove aligner treatment is approved by the FDA and is prescribed and overseen by board-certified orthodontists.

  • To see if you’re eligible, all you have to do is take a quick online assessment on their website — no appointments necessary.

  • They accept HSA or FSA to help cover the cost of the aligners. You can also ask your insurer if they have orthodontic benefits and if it’s covered under code D8040.

  • You’ll receive a free premium whitening kit at the end of your treatment.

  • You’ll receive your invisible aligners just 5-6 weeks after ordering your impression kit.

  • You can get an aligner for just your top or bottom teeth instead of both, depending on what you want to straighten.

Take Note

If you’re wearing your aligners 22 hours a day, you should change them every two weeks. If you leave them out for a prolonged period of time, they suggest you go back to your best fitting aligners and re-wear them for two weeks before proceeding. They suggest setting a reminder to change your aligners every two weeks.

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