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SnapCorrect Review

Fix your smile in a snap with SnapCorrect’s invisible aligners that are sent directly to your house in one single package. SnapCorrect makes it easy to straighten your teeth with extremely transparent invisible aligners, all at an affordable price.

The Gist

Fix your smile in a snap with SnapCorrect’s invisible aligners that are sent directly to your house. SnapCorrect guides you from the process of creating dental impressions through your treatment, and their dedicated dental experts create aligners that are tailored to your smile. They also provide a complimentary dental foam and a gel home whitening kit that come with your aligners. Their dentists and lab technicians use state-of-the-art software and molding plastics that will fit comfortably in your mouth, and your treatment can take as little as 3 months.

Great For People Who

  • Want to straighten their teeth quickly. Treatment time can be as little as 3 months.

  • Want to whiten their teeth while they’re straightening them. They include a free whitening kit that comes with your aligners.

  • Are looking for an affordable way to pay for dental care. They’ve partnered with Affirm to offer payment plans for aligners.

  • Are looking for professional orthodontic care. Their team is made up of dentists, orthodontists, and dental technicians who examine your impressions and photos to decide if you are a good candidate for aligners.

What Else Do They Do?

Their product is similar to Invisalign, one of the most well-known aligner companies on the market. However, unlike 3D printing that other companies use, SnapCorrect uses a unique molding process with the newest plastic technology, which allows them to create more highly-customized and snug-fitting aligners. Because of this, you do not need to have any attachments placed on your teeth to hold your aligners in place.

Bonus Points

  • Before signing on to treatment, you’ll receive a 3-D Custom Treatment Plan with a 3D image of how your teeth look before and how they will look after, as well as how long your treatment is projected to take.

  • You’ll receive your impressions and treatment plan in as little as 2 weeks from sending your impression kit in.

  • All of your aligners, as well as your teeth whitening products and your first retainer, are sent in one package.

  • They use the most state-of-the-art plastic that is extremely transparent and unnoticeable on your teeth.

  • Upload a photo of yourself so the team at SnapCorrect can see how your smile fits in with the rest of your face.

Take Note

Treatment time varies depending on your teeth. Some treatments can take as little as 3 months, and most treatments are 3-9 months. However, some treatments are as long as 18 months to ensure you get the straightest smile possible. They also require that you are up to date on check-ups with your dentist to make sure you don’t have any contraindications for braces or aligners.

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