Audible Review

Audible is a subsidiary of Amazon and provides monthly and yearly subscriptions to its expansive catalog of audiobooks. Audible is constantly innovating its services and adding things like theater readings, celebrity readings, and more.

The Gist

Audible’s mission is to unleash the power of the spoken word. Founded in 1995 by Donald Katz, Audible is an Amazon subsidiary with a startup vibe and a small company feel. They offer more than 425,000 audiobooks that you can listen to at any time, anywhere. Audible members downloaded almost 2 billion hours in 2016 — that’s a lot of reading. With an easy-to-use subscription platform and tons of options to choose from, Audible makes stories come to life.

Great For People Who

  • Regularly use an Amazon account (you can access Audible with your Amazon login)

  • Listen to multiple audiobooks a month

  • Want to test out a product before they pay — Audbile offers a 30-day free trial that includes 1 audiobook and 2 Audible originals

  • Want access to more than 425,000 titles

  • Have home speakers or Alexa technology — you can play audiobooks through any number of devices around your house or in your home

What Else Do They Do?

Their subscription includes Audible Originals, which are exclusive titles created by celebrated storytellers from fields such as journalism, literature, theater, and more. Their stories are all produced in the Audible studios, and members get 2 originals each month (in addition to 1 audiobook). Audible Theater, which is bringing 1- and 2-person audio plays to its app, transforms the audiobook experience by bringing renowned actors and playwrights directly to your device. Audible Theater is also supporting emerging playwrights by giving them the opportunity to apply and earn the Audible’s Emerging Playwrights Fund.

Bonus Points

  • With a membership, you also have unlimited access to premier audio fitness programs

  • In addition to 1 audiobook a month, members earn 30% off additional books

  • They offer a service called Audible Theater, which are 1- and 2-person produced audio plays driven by language and voice

  • Listen to Audible in the car, on Apple Devices, listening apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and more

  • You can also listen to Audible on Amazon devices such as Kindle, Fire TV, and Alexa-enabled devices

  • They offer audiobooks in multiple languages

  • Audible has won 34 Audies and a Grammy

Take Note

While Audible by far has the largest audiobook collection available, you can’t purchase additional Audible credits for your membership. You only get one or two audiobooks a month (depending on your membership). Audible has multiple membership levels, ranging from $14.95 a month (1 credit per month) to $229.50 a year for 24 credits. Each membership starts with a 30-day free trial to see if it’s right for you.

Audible Rating

Rated on a scale of 1-5, 5 being excellent


Product Rating

Audible has flexible membership plans and a huge catalog. With celebrity narrators, an ever-growing catalog, and listening options ranging from your phone to your in-house speakers, Audible’s product is easy to use for any audiobook listener. You can build up your audiobook library and listen to your favorites over and over.


Ease Of Use

Audible can be used on any number of devices, including iPhone, Android, and Windows Phones, right through their App. The app keeps track of where you left off, and your library is easily accessible once you’re finished with an audiobook.



Amazon may make some people feel warm and fuzzy inside, but many people prefer doing business with smaller companies. If you're one of the latter, Audible may not be the best choice for you.


Customer Service

Their customer service is available 24/7, and their forms are easy to fill out with exactly what you need answered. From there, you have the option to email them, live chat with them, or contact them by the phone.

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