Bright Cellars Review

Have you seen that social ad that says two MIT grads developed an algorithm to send you wine to your liking? That’s Bright Cellars, a monthly wine club that matches you with wine you’ll like.

The Gist

What’s the one type of chocolate you could eat for the rest of your life? How do you like your tea? What’s your favorite juice? Those are just a few questions Bright Cellars asks you in their online wine quiz. Once you’re done, you’re asked to create a login to see your wine matches. That’s how Bright Cellars differentiates itself: it uses an algorithm to determine what wine you’ll love, and delivers you four bottles from around the world every month, based on your profile. You can skip or cancel anytime, and the cost is $80 a month.

Great For People Who...

  • Want to try new wines based on their tastes

  • Are experienced wine drinkers or are just exploring

  • Love the idea of using science to narrow down their preferences

  • Like taking quizzes to learn more about themselves

What Else Do They Do?

The offer a Member Rewards Program, including a referral opportunity. For every friend you refer as a member, you’ll earn points that can add up to bonus wine bottles.

Bonus Points

  • You can send the quiz over to a friend as a gift, and then fund a certain amount of their wine club experience

  • Their blog is bustling with interesting articles and behind-the-scenes looks at their company

  • Unlike a lot of wine club companies, Bright Cellars has a Meet the Team page, where it’s obvious that they employ a robust staff of engineers and product developers to ensure a great product

Take Note

If you get a bottle you aren’t really loving, they’ll send you a free replacement bottle in your next shipment. 

Bright Cellars Rating

Rated on a scale of 1-5, 5 being excellent


Product Rating

Their site says that only 1 in 12 wines they taste as a team makes into their monthly collections, showing a discerning palate—although some reviews have said they can’t find their wines elsewhere to know more about its quality and pricing.


Ease Of Use

The quiz is absolutely easy to navigate through and the process is simple. Nothing to think about once you get going.



Their site is easy to navigate, their algorithm differentiator is pretty cool, and they’re hiring—definitely showing signs of a growing business.


Customer Service

You can’t beat an entire concierge team dedicated to helping their members with questions or problems. They’re easily reachable by phone or email, and their faces are all clearly displayed on the site—real people is a good thing.

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