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CanvasHQ Review

CanvasHQ is a family owned business that prides itself on high-quality canvas prints and top-notch customer service for an affordable price. They offer a range of canvas sizes, print options, and more, making them one of the most top-rated canvas print companies on the market.

The Gist

CanvasHQ knows that every day is a new canvas and to treat each and every day like a work of art. That’s why this family owned and operated canvas printing company provides high quality canvas artwork and authentic and caring customer service — ensuring that your photo is transformed into a beautiful canvas you’re proud to display. Founded in Fort Smith, Arkansas, CanvasHQ started with an idea that canvas prints should be easier and quicker.

Great For People Who

  • Are looking for affordable canvas prints available in a variety of options

  • Are looking for a quick turnaround that includes free shipping

  • Want to customize their canvas prints with different finishes, borders and more

  • Want a 100% satisfaction guarantee

What Else Do They Do?

They list their ingredients right on their website so you know exactly what is going into your canvas print. They print with commercial-grade ink meant for outdoor use so canvas prints stand up to moisture, resist fading, and lasts a long time. They researched dozens of canvas types and decided on one specifically designed for high-end fine art, and they have four distinct canvases to choose from: matte, semi-gloss, glossy, iridescent, and vintage canvas.

Bonus Points

  • They list their current production time right on their website, which is automatically updated every day

  • You get free digital proofs to inspect before you buy a canvas

  • Every order comes with a wall mounting hook

  • The have canvas sizes ranging from 6 inches to 96 inches

  • They provide free image touch-ups such as blemish removal, teeth whitening, and skin smoothing

  • They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee — let them know within 30 days if you don’t like your canvas and they will either re-make it or refund your order

  • Each canvas is handcrafted by artisans who take pride in every piece of art they make

Take Note

They accept almost any normal image resolution to make a good print, but they recommend 800 x 600 as a good place to start. Their order page system presents sizes to you for your image resolution to give you an idea of what will look nice.

CanvasHQ Rating

Rated on a scale of 1-5, 5 being excellent


Product Rating

CanvasHQ is an easy and quick way to have your photos printed on a canvas. They are extremely transparent about where their materials come from, what products they offer, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy that makes them a great pick for people looking to buy canvas prints.


Ease Of Use

CanvasHQ takes you through a step-by-step process to upload your photo (including from social media) and through the rest of the process. It doesn’t show exactly how many steps to go through to get the finished product, but the process is easy to navigate.



CanvasHQ is a family owned business that takes pride in what it does. They list their company values directly on their homepage, so you know from the get-go what they’re about. They promise quick, efficient, and competent service on top of the highest-quality prints out there.


Customer Service

CanvasHQ promises and strides for friendly, caring, and authentic customer service relations — and they list that right on their homepage. Their customer service includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your canvas, including an option to re-make the canvas or to receive a full refund. They list a phone number, email, contact form, and live chat form on their contact page, making it easy to contact them in whatever way you’re most comfortable with.

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