Care/Of Review

After filling out a quick assessment that asks about your lifestyle, values and goals, Care/of sends you a box of personalized vitamins every month. Made with natural and effective ingredients, the vitamins come in convenient daily packs and pocket-sized quick-sticks so you can easily store them or carry them with you throughout the day.

The Gist

After filling out a quick, less-than-five-minute questionnaire that gets your basics (“are you currently taking any vitamins or supplements?”), and asks you about your goals (skin, stress, energy, bones? the options are aplenty), your lifestyle, and your values, Care/of generates a report that includes what they recommend you take daily and why. For example, they may recommend you take astaxanthin for your skin, Vitamin D, rhodiola for your stress, kanna for your brain. Add or remove what you want to, then sign up to get a box of your personalized packs every month.

Great For People Who

  • Aren’t sure what vitamins, minerals, and herbs to take

  • Forget to take them

  • Are too busy to hit up the pharmacy every month

  • Want to improve their overall health or target a specific pain point

What Else Do They Do?

In addition to building your own box, you can also send a gift card for personalized daily vitamins—and you can include a personal message printed on your recipient’s daily vitamin packs. Care/of will also donate a portion of every purchase to providing moms in need with prenatal vitamins.

Bonus Points

  • Their website is beautifully designed, functional, and obviously professional

  • They include specific testimonials in their “Stories” section from real customers

  • Honesty and transparency are clearly important to them

  • Their product evaluation criteria is listed out in detail

  • They have a scientific advisory board comprised of doctors, scientists, and nutrition experts, including members of Tufts University and Harvard University.

Take Note

Their site includes a disclaimer, saying their statements haven’t been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and their product isn’t intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Take The Quiz. Take Your Vitamins

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