Hair Loss

hims Review

hims is a company that wholeheartedly embraces men and their personal health and wellness, and encourages them to come to terms with personal health issues that are hard to talk about, like hair loss and erectile dysfunction.

The Gist

hims is a company that’s completely dedicated to men and their personal health and wellness. They welcome conversation related to hard-to-talk-about topics, which have for the most part been closeted – like hair loss, sex, and acne. They embrace the idea that men should want to take care of themselves, feel comfortable about talking about it, and take the necessary steps to fix it. Choose what area you need help in, and hims will provide a comprehensive solution for it. Fill out a quick, simple assessment and a hims doctor will reach out with a recommended treatment plan within minutes. The hair loss treatments they prescribe are safe, effective, and FDA approved. The products are developed by medical professionals and experts and are proven to be effective in preventing hair loss and promoting hair regrowth. Whether it be gummies, vitamins, topical solutions or shampoo, hims has got you (and your hair loss) covered.

Great For People Who

  • Are male consumers who find their health and wellness to be important, and are proactive about caring for themselves

  • Are looking for an inexpensive and effective way to prevent hair loss and/or regrow it

  • Would rather not spend time in a doctor’s office and instead order online and have treatment delivered overnight

  • Are interested in getting advice, consultation and FDA approved products to help treat personal health-related issues for men

What Else Do They Do?

hims offers your first complete hair kit for $5. The kit includes 30 biotin gummies, 8 oz. bottle of DHT shampoo, 2 oz. bottle of minoxidil, and 30 tablets containing 1 mg of finasteride for each pill. After that, the kit is shipped monthly, costing $44 per month – which is a total steal. The products included in this kit usually cost between $100 to $300, so you can thank hims for making your wallet and your hair thicker.

Bonus Points

  • hims was built by guys who are experts at all things involving men's health. They have trusted advisors from Stanford and Harvard, who are leaders in researching topics related to hair loss, sexual wellness and acne; and most importantly developing effective products and solutions.

  • Their website is so aesthetically pleasing. Simple, interactive and trendy. It even includes some suggestive imagery that makes you do a double take. It’s fun to shop, browse or just poke around in.

  • They have a “Savoir Faire” section which includes a journal with topics like grooming, hair, lifestyle, science, sex and skin. It’s basically a bible for men. It includes everything you’d ever need to know about men’s health, and then some.

  • You can buy hims merchandise! From t-shirts to sweaters to candles, hims has you looking good and smelling good

  • They clearly list all their products on their site. They include instructions for how and when to take them, in addition to providing articles that give you important information related to the products under the “science” section on their site.

Take Note

Prior to the company’s launch in 2017, their team spend a year researching the medicine behind their list of products. They’ve worked with a variety of experts in the industry, including general practitioners, dermatologists, and urologists (all licensed and regulated by the Medical Board of California) to identify medical grade products that have proven to work. They’re fully HIPAA compliant, so all of your account, user, and subscription information is 100% private and confidential.