Hair Loss

Keeps Review

Keeps is a company that’s completely dedicated to finding personalized, effective solutions for preventing hair loss in men. After a simple questionnaire and uploading a photo, a licensed Keeps doctor will follow up with a treatment plan that’s fit for your condition.

The Gist

Losing your hair and want to fix it quickly? Simply complete a medical questionnaire and upload a few photos. A licensed doctor will review your information, identify the best treatment plan, and get back to you within a day to consult on your personalized plan. The treatment plans they prescribe are matched to your exact condition – leveraging products that will be most beneficial to you. Their products, Finasteride (generic Propecia®) and Minoxidil (generic Rogaine®) are FDA approved and backed by scientific research. Depending on your plan, Keeps will send a daily supply of the treatment, and ensure that it continues to arrive every 3 months – so you’ll never run out. Not to mention, your Keeps doctor will proactively contact you to make sure everything’s working as intended and address any questions – completely free of charge!

Great For People Who

  • Are male consumers looking for an effective solution for their hair loss at an affordable price

  • Don’t like waiting rooms or pharmacy lines, and would rather have delivery right to your door

  • Want a telemedicine experience that’s safe, legal and seamless

  • Are looking for an FDA approved product for less than half the cost of existing hair loss solutions

What Else Do They Do?

Keeps promotes a first month of treatment free. After the first free month, they ship their products quarterly, which enables them to be more affordable than other hair loss companies – saving you anywhere from $70-$100 per year. Through Keeps, you can also give the gift of hair! You can subscribe your guy to 3, 6, or 12 months of hair, and they will work directly with him to build a personalized treatment plan. 

Bonus Points

  • They give you “the bald truth” so you can learn more about the cause of hair loss and how to prevent it

  • They’re extremely transparent about their products – they clearly list all ingredients, possible side effects, and general FAQs right on their website

  • They have a “Hair In The News” section on their site, where they post articles featuring everything you need to know about hair…and the loss of it

  • You can message your Keeps doctor 24/7 directly through their secure messaging system on their site, and even provide feedback about your experience in working with them

  • They include photos and testimonials of their products from real users in the “REVIEWS” section on their site

Take Note

Keeps shares your personal information with Keeps Medical Group PA, doctors, and relevant medical staff - all of whom are in connection with your diagnosis and treatment. They also may provide information to third party vendors and service providers that help them operate and manage their website, process orders, and product deliveries. If you have any questions about their methods, they ask that you email them at