Kobo Review

Rakuten Kobo is an audiobook and eBook website that gives you access to the most popular titles out there. The Kobo App is accessible on iOS and Android and makes it easy to store your favorite books — and you’ll never lose your place.

The Gist

Rakuten Kobo aims to bring everything about your favorite local bookstore to your phone or tablet. The reason? To bring the power of reading to your constantly moving world. Kobo’s catalog as more than 6 million titles to choose from, and includes eBooks, audiobooks, and even eReaders. The Kobo App stores all of your eBooks and audiobooks for quick and easy access — and you’ll never lose your place. Founded in 2009, Kobo is one of the fastest-growing eReading services.

Great For People Who

  • Want their eBooks and audiobooks in the same place for easy access

  • Want to use an eReader as opposed to their phone to read — they have their own line of award-winning eReaders

  • Are looking for a rewards program or VIP membership options

  • Are students and want a student discount

  • Listen to books in the car — their app is now available on Apple Car Play

What Else Do They Do?

Earlier this year, Kobo and Walmart launched Walmart eBooks to offer an all-new digital books catalog in stores and online. This gives users the option to subscribe to Walmart’s audiobook service for $9.99 a month, and you’ll still have access to Kobo’s more than 6 million titles. You also get the ability to purchase digital book cards in 3,500 Walmart stores, and you have the option to purchase Kobo eReaders in 1,000 Walmart stores.

Bonus Points

  • For signing up, you can get $5 off your first eBook

  • Their extensive catalog means you have access to the most popular titles out there

  • They’re constantly releasing new eReader products, and they have an eReader recycling program to ensure they don’t end up in landfills or other improper storage/waste treatment facilities

  • Their eReaders are available for purchase in countries around the world

  • Their services are available worldwide

Take Note

They recently canceled their magazine subscription, even though it is listed in their help center. They seem to not offer a subscription on their website, but they do offer subscriptions through Walmart. After some digging, I found that they have an audiobook subscription for $9.99 a month (not including the Walmart deal), but it was extremely hard to find form their website’s homepage. They also offer rewards programs that gives you deals on their products. Their VIP Treatment is about $10 for the entire year.