Dog Food

NomNomNow Review

NomNomNow first provides a free nutrition consultation for your pet (dogs and cats) and then recommends a meal plan that fits your pet’s lifestyle. Choose from four different recipes and get them delivered free of charge.

The Gist

NomNomNow truly goes above and beyond when it comes to caring for your pets. They want pet parents to be the best they can be, and give their pets quality care. That’s why they use restaurant-quality ingredients in their creations and make fresh meals every week. They’re formulated by a leader in veterinary nutrition, and perfectly portioned based on his recommendations. Simply get your dog or cat’s meals delivered in individually measured packs, open and serve.

Great For People Who

  • Want to be exceptional pet parents

  • Are looking to improve their pet’s health and happiness

  • Want to give their pets portioned meals that fit their pet’s profile

  • Need help deciding what food to feed their pet

What Else Do They Do?

Most pet food meal delivery brands only create meals designed for dogs, but not NomNomNow! They also create personal meal plans for cats as well. Although, they only provide two options here instead of four - choose from their “Chicken Chow-Meow” or “Flavorful Fish Feast”.

Bonus Points

  • There’s a variety of articles and guides on their site which give you all the information you’d ever need to know about your pet, and then some

  • Every meal is made fresh to order every week and never frozen

  • NomNomNow chefs cook the meals right in their own facilities, using only restaurant-quality ingredients

  • Their nutrition team provides one-on-one attention to every customer and their pets to ensure a smooth transition into the new diet

Take Note

NomNomNow is partnered with local shelters and rescues all over the country. If you’ve rescued or adopted a pet from one of their partners that’s listed on their site, they’ll give you 20% off two orders and donate $50 in your name.