Dog Food

Ollie Review

Ollie is a company dedicated to designing personalized, fresh meals made with real ingredients for all types of dogs. They customize meal plans based on your dog’s profile and deliver it directly to your door.

The Gist

Don’t like giving your dogs Kibble? Neither does Ollie. They truly care about the nutritional needs of dogs and what goes into their food. That’s why they use natural, human-grade ingredients in each one of their creations. The meals are made fresh with and in small batches in a kettle cooker, which preserves the high-quality vitamins and minerals that are found in real food. Simply create your dog’s profile by filling out a short questionnaire on their site and Ollie will customize your dog’s recipes and portions based on their profile. They ship it on a regular basis, so you’ll never have to worry about running out.

Great For People Who

  • Adore their dogs and treat them like family members

  • Want to give their dogs fresh meals made from real, natural ingredients

  • Don’t want to go to the store to pick up dog food, and would rather have it delivered

  • Want to ensure their dogs are getting the nutrition they need without any fillers, preservatives, or chemicals

What Else Do They Do?

Dogs that are new to Ollie get 50% off their first box of meals! Get started by answering a few simple questions that will let the people at Ollie get to know your dog, and they’ll create a custom meal plan for half the price. Your coupon is automatically applied at checkout.

OH, and they also donate 1% of their revenue to shelters and rescues around the country.

Bonus Points

  • You have the option to choose “All Ollie” or “Some Ollie” – whether you plan on feeding your dog 100% Ollie, or mixing Ollie with other food

  • They have four different recipes, all formulated by veterinarians which are made with high-quality meat that come from farms in the US and Australia

  • They’re very transparent about what goes into the meals they create, and clearly list every ingredient right on their site (they even include pictures and videos, so you can see for yourself)

  • They have a blog on their site - featuring articles all about our furry friends

Take Note

They donate 1% of their revenue to shelters and rescues around the country.