Persona Nutrition Review

Persona uses a complete analysis of your lifestyle, medication list, and more to deliver a completely customized vitamin pack right to your door. Previously named Vitamin Packs, this company is one of the only ones on the market that take into consideration your entire lifestyle, not just parts.

The Gist

Persona, originally named Vitamin Packs, is named for the brand’s personalized approach to nutrition. They use on-call nutritionists and registered dietitians to make up their customer support team, and use science-backed and transparent recommendations to give their customers trusted support for long-term wellness goals. Based on an online assessment and algorithm, lifestyle information, and prescription information, Persona delivers a specific recommendation that fits your needs. All of their products adhere to FDA certified Good Manufacturing Practices, and together, their medical experts have published 165 peer-reviewed scientific papers.

Great For People Who

  • Are looking for highly bioavailable prenatal vitamins

  • Are looking for a variety of vitamin, herb, mineral, and supplement product to fit their needs

  • Want to take their entire lifestyle into consideration for vitamins — including medications, lifestyle changes, diet, and more

  • Wants pre-measured, daily blends of vitamins that make them easy to take every day

What Else Do They Do?

They’re partnered with Vitamin Angels, and have been since they were founded. This nonprofit is dedicated to combating childhood and maternal malnutrition around the world. For every order shipped from Persona, they provide two children with vitamins for an entire year.

Bonus Points

  • They provide extensive prenatal vitamins, including Vitamin K2, which is especially important for a baby’s skeletal growth

  • They use data and algorithm-driven recommendations to see what vitamins and minerals work best for your personal lifestyle

  • They have a complete product listing for every vitamin, mineral, herb, and supplement they offer, giving you extensive information on exactly what it looks like and how it will benefit you

  • Their products adhere to FDA certified Good Manufacturing Practices

  • They use on-call nutritionists and registered dietitians to make up their customer support team

Take Note

If you have trouble swallowing pills, this company may not be the best for you. Their vitamins come in a variety of sizes, and various reviews have made notes about pills being too large. Prices for each pack aren’t as transparent as other companies.

Persona will send you a lot of recommended pills, but you don’t have to accept all of them based on your questionnaire. This could help cut down costs. Payment after that is then finalized.