Dog Food

PetPlate Review

Tell about your dog’s weight and food preferences and PetPlate will recommend one of their four healthy recipes for them. Choose if you’d like to feed your dog all PetPlate or just some, and get it delivered every 2 or 4 weeks depending on your plan.

The Gist

The company started because the founder, Renaldo Webb, wanted to feed his dog an alternative to kibble. He didn’t like the ingredients that went into making commercial dog food, so he reached out to a few veterinary nutritionists to help him formulate healthy, fresh meals for our furry friends. From there it blossomed into a full on business of creating different recipes, using human-grade ingredients. You can choose from their chicken, turkey, beef, or lamb mix and have it delivered to you for free. You also have the option to choose whether you want it delivered every 2 weeks or 4.

Great For People Who

  • Want to feed their dogs unique, healthy mixes of natural food

  • Want to have the option to freeze their dog’s meals for up to 6 months

  • Enjoy the convenience of home delivery

  • Want to choose from several recipes

What Else Do They Do?

They offer “Topper plans” that are available for medium to large-sized dogs. This is like a meal topper, or supplement to your dog’s current diet. You still get the PetPlate recipes, just delivered half as much.

Bonus Points

  • PetPlate has been featured in a variety of well known publications such as Well + Good, PopSugar, HuffPost and Good Housekeeping

  • The founder was a contestant on Shark Tank in 2016

  • The first delivery is a trial box, so if your dog doesn’t like it they’ll give you a full refund

  • They list every ingredient they use in their recipes right on their site - they even include a breakdown analysis of the percentage of protein, fiber, fat, moisture and calorie content in each

  • You can choose multiple recipes for your first delivery, so your dog has options to choose from (and tell you which one he or she likes the most)

Take Note

Although cooked fresh, all meals are delivered frozen. They’re packed either in daily containers or per-meal containers (depending on your plan) and placed in boxes lined with dry ice to keep them frozen during transit. Be sure to put your meals in the fridge a day before serving so they can thaw and be ready to eat. You can also microwave them if you prefer.