Playster Review

Playster is more than just an audiobook and ebook subscription platform — it’s an all-encompassing entertainment service that gives you access to millions of books, movies, and TV shows, music and more. It takes all of your entertainment needs and provides them in one place.

The Gist

Playster strides itself on affordability — providing unlimited access to audiobooks, ebooks, movies, and more at as low as $3.95 a month. Why? Because they feel that we’re overpaying for entertainment. Their flexible plans are unlike other audiobook subscriptions because Playster also offers music subscriptions and movie subscriptions. Their mantra is “Entertainment Unlimited,” and they provide just that. Based in Montreal, this company was founded in 2014 and also has offices in the United States and United Kingdom.

Great For People Who

  • Are looking for more than just an audiobook subscription — they offer subscriptions for movies, music, and eBooks, too

  • Are looking to limit spending on streaming services to one consolidated platform

  • Want flexible subscription plans that you can create for your specific needs

  • Want to test out a product before they pay — Playster offers a 30-day free trial

  • Want access to more than 350,000 premium audiobooks and eBooks

What Else Do They Do?

Their diverse subscriptions allow you to personally tailor what you need. If you just want audiobooks, you have that option for $14.95 a month, or you combine services or create a family plan. Because of this customization, you can save up to 40% on your entertainment streaming needs without losing any of the perks. Who doesn’t like saving money?

  • Their plans provide unlimited, ad-free access to millions of audiobooks, ebooks, songs, movies and TV shows

  • They partner with companies like Paramount Pictures, National Geographic, Penguin Random House, and others to provide tons of content

  • They offer a family plan that gives you the ability to create up to four separate logins, all of which can access Playster’s full catalog

  • Their services are easy to use and compatible with virtually any web-enabled device

  • Their social media following is dubbed as a “vibrant community” that keeps you updated on recommendations and trends

  • You can browse their entire library before signing up at play.playster.com

Take Note

Their catalog is extensive, but does not have similar shows and movies to Hulu or streaming services. If you’re looking to watch a particular show or movie, make sure to check their catalog at play.playster.com to see if their options are what you’re looking for in an entertainment service. Their audiobook and ebook catalog is much more extensive, but be careful — there are two separate audiobook plans. Their $14.95 plan gives you access to their basic catalog with 100,000+ titles, whereas a premium account ($29.95) gives you access to all of their 140,000+ audiobooks.