Rootine Review

Rootine sends you personalized vitamins based on all of your nutrient needs, which are prescribed after analyzing your blood levels, DNA and personal lifestyle. Fill out a quick assessment and after Rootine scientists and smart technology analyzes your data, they’ll deliver your personalized pack.

The Gist

No two people are the same — you could have the same lifestyle as another person, but every single person has a unique set of DNA that makes them exactly who they are on a molecular level. And every person has different health needs. Because of this, Daniel Wallerstorfer and Rachel Soper Sanders started Rootine. This brand-new vitamins company founded in 2017 by a team of scientists, business leaders, parents, and spouses. Why? They wanted to create affordable vitamins that actually worked. Their products are rooted in science and driven by data, and their team is led by geneticists, a lab head, a quality control specialist and more. They personalize vitamins by looking at DNA, and they specialize vitamins based on genetics.

Great For People Who

  • Want personalized vitamins based on DNA and genetics

  • Want a recurring vitamin plan that shipped right to your door

  • Need easy-to-swallow vitamins — they come in microbeads

  • Want a pure product made from natural ingredients without fillers and colors

What Else Do They Do?

Unlike other vitamin companies, Rootine uses genetic-driven data. They don’t just tell you what vitamins they think you should be taking — they take their DNA (and optional bloodwork) and their team of geneticists tells you exactly what your body needs. Their co-founder, Daniel Wallerstorfer, is a biotechnologist that built up the leading European genetic testing lab, and is passionate about using DNA to improve lives.

  • They provide a free DNA test if you purchase a 3-month vitamin supply to genetically see what vitamins would work best for you

  • You can use DNA data if you’ve sent it to 23 and Me or an test

  • You can include blood test data from your doctor to help choose your vitamins

  • They use data and algorithm-driven recommendations to see what vitamins and minerals work best for you

  • They use microbeads made by sustainable practices in a state-of-the-art ISO 9001 certified manufacturing plant, resulting in the most innovative bio-available product on the market

  • Vitamins can be added to yogurt or other foods

  • Their personalized daily pack of vitamins support long-term wellbeing and can help relieve occasional stress and tension, maintain energy levels, support mental clarity, and support a good night of sleep

Take Note

Using Rootine vitamins takes some commitment right out of the gate. DNA tests are free when you purchase a 3-month recurring plan — meaning you have to commit to at least three months of taking these vitamins. If you decide to just do a DNA test first, it’s $130 (compared to $85 for the three-month plan). If you upload your own DNA, it’s $75 for a three-month recurring plan.

They’re still looking to expand to the United States, and already has 1,500 customers in Europe. However, they still ship to the United States and have an office in New York. Since it’s a newer company, it’s hard to find reviews and coverage online — but they have an ever-growing customer base.