Smarty Pants Review

A vitamin company that was built with a value in creating allergy-free and non-GMO gummy vitamins for your entire family (pets included). Each bottle of vitamins has a Certificate of Compliance “diploma” printed on them, which ensures that the vitamins inside are both safe and effective.

The Gist

From the very beginning, the core value of SmartyPants Vitamins has been centered on family. Courtney and Gordon, co-founders and co-CEOs of the company, saw an opportunity to make all of us a little healthier — from our moms and dads to our sons and daughters. SmartyPants Vitamins has gummy vitamins for the whole family — and they’re completely non-GMO, allergen free, and made with eco-friendly ingredients. They don’t contain any artificial flavors or sweeteners, and they’re made for people of all ages.

Great For People Who

  • Don’t like swallowing pills or vitamins — they come in a tasty gummy

  • Are looking for a allergen free, non-GMO vitamin they can take every day

  • Want to provide their children with the same brand of vitamin that grows with them

  • Are looking for trusted sources of omega 3 fish oils in their diet

What Else Do They Do?

They even make vitamins for your dogs, because pets are part of the family! Earlier this year, SmartyPants Vitamins introduced SmartyPaws, a daily premium multi-supplement that supports canine joint health, allergies, gut health, immunity, and skin health all in one serving. This product is available in nine formulas specifically customized for various canine sizes and ages.

Bonus Points

  • Their ingredients are completely allergen free, non-GMO, and made with eco friendly ingredients

  • Contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners, and each batch of vitamins are third-party lab tested for purity and potency

  • They work with Vitamin Angels, an organization that provides vitamins to mothers and children and need - for every bottle of SmartyPants sold, they make a 1 to 1 nutrient grant to Vitamin Angels

  • They have a completely organic line of prenatal, women’s, men’s, toddler, and kids vitamins

  • Their vitamins are packed with Omega 3, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin B12

  • They choose Vitamin D3 over D2 because it’s the form your skin produces when exposed to sunlight

Take Note

Even though their vitamins are allergen free, if you have a known allergy and would like to double check if their product contains any certain ingredients, contact and make sure to consult with your doctor before taking them!