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Spot & Tango Pet Food Review

Spot & Tango Pet Food Company was built out of love for dogs, and they strongly value the fundamentals of healthy living. That’s why they’re dedicated to making fresh, all-natural dog food with ingredients sourced from local farms.

The Gist

Spot & Tango Pet Food started in the founder's family kitchen. They made homemade meals for their dogs for 2 years and noticed significant improvement to their health, so they decided to cook for all dogs - not just their own. They partnered with a team of experts including veterinarians, animal nutritionists and food scientists to create fresh, all-natural recipes for all types of dogs, and that’s how the company was born. They continue to formulate recipes that are FDA approved and also meet vitamin and mineral requirements that are defined by AAFCO.

Great For People Who

  • Value the health benefits of eating produce and meat sourced from local, sustainable farms

  • Want to feed their dogs human-grade food to help improve their overall health

  • Want the option of freezing their dog’s fresh meals for up to 6 months

  • Live around the NYC area and want to purchase meals in-store

What Else Do They Do?

If you want to buy individual meal packs for your dog to try --instead of having several delivered to you at once --they sell their product in pet specialty stores around the NYC area. Check the map on their site to find the store nearest to you.

Bonus Points

  • They have a “Best If Used By” date stamped on each package to ensure you’re feeding your pets the freshest food

  • Spot & Tango controls every step of the process - including sourcing, production, packaging and delivery - so you’ll never have to worry about your dog’s meal not being in good hands

  • They’ve announced that they’re going to start offering dog treats and cat food soon

  • If your dog doesn’t like Spot & Tango pet food, they’ll give you your money back - 100% guaranteed

Take Note

Spot & Tango only delivers to customers in zip codes east of the Mississippi River. They ship the product by Fedex, UPS, or USPS.

Spot & Tango Rating

Rated on a scale of 1-5, 5 being excellent


Product Rating

They offer three options to choose from - lamb & brown rice, beef & millet, or turkey & red quinoa. Whatever you choose, the ingredients are guaranteed fresh and sourced from local farms. Each meal is cooked in their own Long Island City kitchen, packaged for delivery in environmentally friendly boxes, and shipped out every Monday.


Ease Of Use

First choose which recipe you’d like to feed your dog, then select their size and weight and if you’d like to feed them all Spot & Tango, or some Spot & Tango. From there, simply add it to your cart and they’ll deliver it accordingly.



The people of Spot & Tango value the fundamentals of healthy living, and the way their food is grown and produced reflects that. The relationships they foster with the farms they source their ingredients from, and the amount of love and care they put into creating each meal is evident. Both dogs and humans can agree.


Customer Service

They have a live chat feature on their site where “Pup Specialists” are available to answer any question you may have. You can also contact them by submitting a form through their website, emailing at or calling their direct line Monday-Friday 9-5 EST.

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