Tasting Room Review

Described as a “wine experience that’s all about you,” Tasting Room changes the wine club experience by putting each member in control.

The Gist

Not sure if you’re a malbec kind of person, or if you prefer cabernet sauvignon? Is white actually your go-to, or should it really be red? Tasting Room is a wine experience meant to help you figure out what kind of wine you actually enjoy—and then sends you that kind of wine so you can enjoy more of it. The process starts with a tasting kit; you taste six different mini-bottles and let Tasting Room know what you think. From there, you get a personalized wine profile and start receiving shipments. You get to pick how many bottles, when you get ‘em, and you can even preview your selections—sort of like Trunk Club but for wine lovers.

Great For People Who...

  • Aren’t really sure what kind of wine they like

  • Want to be able to have total control over their shipments

  • Would like to know their tastes and preferences better

  • Enjoy the idea of trying global wines at a discounted rate

What Else Do They Do?

They sell gift sets with catchy themes, like The Lord of the Rings Quartet,The Walking Dead Trio, Saturday Night Live Quartet, and MasterChef Trio. 

Bonus Points 

  • You can specify the number of bottles per shipment, so you have never too much (or too little) wine on hand

  • When you preview your next shipment, you can opt to replace any of the selections

  • Because they sell the wine directly to their members, you get up to 60% off MSRP

  • They work with partners across the world, including France, Italy, Argentina, and Napa Valley

Take Note

If you already know what kind of wine you prefer, you can shop a la carte rather than subscribe. Their wine shop sells bottles from across the globe, and each listing shows the flavor profile, a quick summary, pairing recommendations, and more fun details.