Hair Loss

Vegamour Review

Vegamour is a beauty brand whose products are 100% vegan, so they contain no animal hormones and are cruelty-free. This small, yet passionate company strives to be transparent, honest, open and kind.

The Gist

Vegamour is a new beauty company that has brought natural and vegan ingredients together to create a variety of products that have been clinically proven to be more effective than chemical and hormone infused beauty items. Their small team of employees are very passionate people, and work day in and day out to continuously research, experiment, and improve their products so their customers are always happy. They pride themselves in being very transparent and honest about the ingredients they use, and how effectively their products work.

Great For People Who

  • Are looking for a hair loss product that’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free

  • Want thicker, fuller, and overall healthier hair

  • Want to purchase from a company that values Fair Trade partnerships, and gives back to the community and environment

  • Are looking to apply a topical solution to treat hair thinning issues, rather than being prescribed medication for it

What Else Do They Do?

Vegamour offers a risk-free lash plan trial kit, which includes a lash volumizing serum, multi-tasking lash primer, volumizing mascara, and an oil-free makeup remover. Originally priced at $53.85, you can now get the kit for $19.95. 

Bonus Points

  • They really care about and value their customers. The team meets weekly to discuss how they can do more for their customers, as opposed to how they can get more from them

  • The company and the products they offer have been featured in well-known beauty publications such as Allure, InStyle and Martha Stewart

  • They have a blog that you can access through their site. They feature articles about the growth of their company (which includes an interview with the founders), beauty tips and product recommendations, as well as in-depth descriptions of the ingredients they use

  • You can modify your plan any time you want and select products you want to try, or deselect the ones you no longer want

  • They invite customers to give honest feedback about the their products, results, and overall satisfaction of the company

Take Note

Not only does Vegamour value creating products that are chemical free and environmentally safe, but they also value inner beauty, strength, persistence and community. The company has committed to partnering with non-profit organizations that value the same. Their sister company, Southern Botanica (who makes one of the ingredients they use) is produced in Fair Trade partnerships with independent, female-owned enterprises in Africa. Ultimately, they provide Fair Trade jobs to over 5,000 women in Namibia each year, with a goal to provide 20,000 job opportunities by 2020. In addition, they plan to fund a tree planting program that will help grow 30,000 mango trees in communities without access to fresh fruit.