Vitafive Review

Vitafive is a completely customizable vitamin pack subscription that the whole family can take. You can choose from a variety of vitamins that are shipped directly to your door every four weeks, and they also provide Kid’s Health Packs to make sure your kids are getting the daily vitamins they need.

The Gist

Vitafive was founded in 2015 and is based in Dallas, Texas. Vitafive sends custom gummy vitamin packs for every day of the week — and they have gummies for the whole family. You have the option to pick from pre-formulated health packs or to choose your own custom packs, giving you complete control over the vitamins you take. You can choose from a variety of vitamins, including melatonin, omega-3, calcium and D3, and biotin, among others — and they’re sent directly to your door once a month.

Great For People Who

  • Are looking for vitamins that the whole family can take, so you can get them all from one place

  • Are looking for a customizable vitamin pack

  • Don’t like swallowing pills or capsules - each pack contains delicious gummy vitamins

  • Want gluten free, allergen free, vegan, and vegetarian gummies

  • Want a subscription program that is automatically sent to your door every four weeks

What Else Do They Do?

They also do Kid’s Health Packs that have a combination of vitamins that tackle a certain interest. They offer a Kid’s Probiotic Pack for digestion, a Kid’s Immune Pack with Vitamin C and Vitamin D3, and a Healthy Bone Pack with calcium and a multivitamin to help with heart function. They also have an essential pack that provides the essential vitamins to help your children grow and keep energy levels where they need to be. All of these packs are available for less than $30.

Bonus Points

  • Each pack is completely customizable, giving you the power to choose what vitamins you need to take every day

  • They come in daily packets so you don’t have to measure or count vitamins every day, making it easy to take daily

  • They’re tasty and don’t have a bad aftertaste

  • Their subscription retention is about a year and the number of subscribers is in the thousands

  • You can change your order at any time if you’d like to update your vitamin type

Take Note

All of their ingredients are gluten free, allergen free, and vegetarian. They list that only 5 out of 8 gummies are vegan, so if you are vegan, make sure you pay attention to which vitamins you’re selecting. It doesn’t say right on their homepage which vitamins are vegan — you have to look at the specific product pages for each vitamin to see if it is vegan or not. Their labels are a little unclear of which vitamins contain non-vegan ingredients, so reach out to customer service if you are still unsure.