Zenhaven Review

Zenhaven, which is a Saatva subsidiary, offers a dual-sided luxury latex mattress. One side of the mattress has a Firm feel, with a 7 rating on the firmness scale, while the other side is Medium Soft, with a 4 firmness rating.

The Gist

The Zenhaven's dual comfort layers are made out of Talalay latex, which features a very consistent cell structure making it softer and having a very pillow-like feel to it. Great cushioning is offered by the Talalay latex within the comfort areas. Due to the Zenhaven's dual-sided construction, both of the comfort layers of the mattress have the same support core made out of more dense, firmer Talalay latex. These three latex layers interact to offer a very supportive sleep. The Zenhaven is also exception when it comes to keep your spine properly aligned all throughout the night. Keep reading to learn more about the Zenhaven mattress, including construction information, up-to-date pricing, and our recommendations and full ratings.


  • To a great extent the Zenhaven mattresses minimize and absorb motion, and many owners have reported that their nighttime sleep disturbances have been reduced

  • There are owners of the Zenhaven that claim that mattress sleeps hot, however most report having a sleeping experience that is comfortable and cool

  • When bearing weight, Zenhaven mattresses are practically silent

Firmness and Construction 

The Zenhaven mattress features a two-sided, flippable design with each side having a different firmness option. One side corresponds to a Medium Soft and 4 on the firmness scale, while the other side is Firm, or a 7 firmness. The table below provides a full breakdown of the components and dimensions of the mattress.

What Kind Of Sleeper Is Suited Best For The Zenhaven Mattress?

The Zenhaven mattresses, based on customer feedback, were given the following grades from sleepers of various preferred sleep positions and weights. The Zenhaven mattress's two side were both accounted for in order to generate the ratings.

Note that the ratings are subjective, and everybody has their own experience on various mattresses. When choosing a mattress, the most important factors are spinal support and sleeper comfort.